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  1. Immediate Actions to Take Following a House Fire

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    Fire damage is frequently accompanied by smoke and water damage, and it can lead to other serious problems such as mold damage. Fire damage leaves a trail of destruction that, if not addressed quickly, can permanently destroy your home and appliances. Aside from the charred remains and burnt-down structures, smoke and soot contain acidic residue, which discolors plastic, fabric, metallic surfaces, painted surfaces, and wooden structures.

    Affected items, surfaces, and clothing may appear yellow or black. Water from fire extinguishers, while useful in preventing further burns, also leaves a water damage trail. You must take immediate action to secure your home and belongings following fire damage. This article will go over what you must do.

    Immediate Actions to Take Following a House Fire

    It is your responsibility to safeguard property while also keeping yourself and your family safe. These actions will help you resolve the situation.

    Call the fire department.

    To put out the fire, call the Myrtle Beach Fire Department at (911) as soon as possible. If you do not take steps to mitigate damages, your insurance company may refuse to compensate you.

    Fire damage can be traumatic, but if possible, call for help or have someone do it for you. Provide an accurate address as well as a phone number where they can reach you if they require additional assistance.

    Evacuate the premises immediately.

    Don’t think that just because there’s a fire in one room means you can hide in the other. Leave the house as soon as you call Myrtle Beach firefighters, and make sure everyone else does as well. The fire may set off the fire alarm, but not everyone will interpret it as an emergency and a call to evacuate. Aside from the risk of being burned in a raging fire, fire smoke emits toxic fumes that can cause serious health problems if inhaled. That smoke can also cause choking and poison you due to the carbon monoxide it contains.

    Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, headaches, and death. If anyone inside the house is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, they may not survive. Figure out how to get everyone out.

    Obtain a re-entry permit from the Myrtle Beach, SC, emergency department.

    Following a fire, your home may no longer be safe for you or your family members. Falling objects, stepping on hot surfaces, and broken parts are among the hazards. You must first obtain a permit to re-enter the premises and assess the damage.

    Most likely, the emergency inspection officer will leave a placard on the property indicating whether or not the property is safe for re-entry. Photograph the extent of the damage as well as the property before the damage. Document everything that has been destroyed because a professional may be unaware of the personal belongings destroyed in the fire.

    Call the insurance company.

    Your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover fire damage. You might be able to get money for Myrtle Beach house fire damage. When disaster strikes, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If you do not own the property, seek assistance from the owner.

    The insurance company must assess the damage and conduct its damage assessment before releasing any funds for restoration services.

    Find professionals to assess the real extent of the damage.

    You may need to find an independent assessor in addition to the insurance company’s assessment to conduct a thorough inspection and ensure that you do not incur additional costs in the event of an unforeseen fire or smoke damage. Fire destroys walls, wooden frames, the roof, air ducts, insulation, and anything else that can catch fire.

    These items are not required to come into contact with fire. Because the heat from the raging fire is sufficient to cause damage to the surrounding areas, hiring a professional to assess the full extent of damage is critical when planning the recovery process. Your insurance company will require a detailed description of the damage as well as all costs associated with restoring the property and resuming normal life as soon as possible.

    Our Fire Damage Restoration Process in Myrtle Beach, SC

    Once the extent of the damage has been determined, contact a fire damage restoration company to restore the property. The following are the components of any commercial or residential property’s fire restoration services:

    Step 1: Debris removal

    This entails the removal of all damaged items that cannot be salvaged.

    Step 2: Smoke damage removal

    Smoke can leave stains on surfaces and objects for a long time. To remove it, the Myrtle Beach restoration company employs specialized cleaning agents and scrubbers.

    Step 3: Smoke odor removal on clothes and other materials

    To remove smoke odors, porous materials must be thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. Your Myrtle Beach fire restoration partner will help you remove smoke odor from damaged items.

    Step 4: Water restoration services

    Moisture is bad for your commercial or residential property. Professionals in Myrtle Beach water restoration use a dryer to remove any water and moisture from the house and other materials.

    Step: 5: Mold removal services

    Mold growth degrades the indoor air quality and causes allergic reactions. A mold restoration-certified company can provide mold inspection, mold removal, and mold remediation services.

    Step 6: Repair and restoration services

    Finally, after the space has been cleaned and deemed safe for your family, your restoration partners will repaint the walls and surfaces, repair and replace damaged items, and dispose of those that cannot be repaired or replaced.

    Looking for fire damage restoration professionals in Myrtle Beach, SC? Work With Us Today

    We can handle all of your emergency restoration needs in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have the necessary knowledge, tools, and time. Contact us today at (843) 773-4092 to get a free quote.

  2. Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Specialist

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    Floods are common in this age of climate change, and it’s also not uncommon for a homeowner to experience water leakages, burst pipes, or other major plumbing system malfunctions.

    When these situations happen, you may be tempted to remove the water yourself, thinking you will save money. In reality, you will put yourself in danger health-wise and risk damaging more property in your home or commercial building.

    Reasons for Hiring a Water Damage Specialist in Myrtle Beach, SC

    They Are Experienced and Highly Trained.

    A professional water damage company in North Myrtle Beach will have a big team of specialists skilled in water damage restoration. They will be adept at various things, such as mold or bacteria removal.

    Assistance With Insurance

    Home insurance can cover floods and other types of water damage. Getting the proper compensation for your loss is crucial because it will enable you to repair your property and resume using it as before. Hiring professionals will increase your chances of getting the appropriate payout because they will avoid causing preventable damage.

    Water damage professionals will inform you about the damage you might have missed so you can tell your insurance company. If there is a dispute, the experts will help you with presenting proof of damage.

    It Helps You Protect Your Health.

    Most of the time, flood damage is hazardous because the water could contain sewage waste. This is usually the case when floods or storms occur because they cause massive destruction of properties. Water from the washing machine or dishwashers can also cause contamination and promote the breeding of viruses and bacteria in your home.

    Professional water damage removal experts have the expertise to eliminate such bacteria and prevent harmful bacteria and fungi from multiplying. Hidden moisture can promote mold growth which can cause serious health issues such as respiratory complications. Removing mold is a dangerous affair because it’s toxic, thus, you should let professionals handle the mold remediation job. Besides contaminated water, falling debris, gas leaks, and exposed electrical wires can also harm you.

    If you enlist the help of water damage specialists when disaster strikes, they will check for all these issues and remove the water safely. They will help you live in a healthy home.

    They Have the Right Equipment

    Water removal service employees come with the correct tools for the job. Some of the special equipment they will bring include moisture and leak detection gadgets, powerful pumps, air filters, vacuums, dehumidifiers, and water extraction vacuums. If you try to remove the water yourself, it could take a long time to accomplish the task. Remember, the more time you take to remove the water, the more damage it will cause in your home, especially on furniture.

    They Will Clean Up Efficiently

    Another advantage of hiring professionals to do water removal after significant water damage or flood is that they will do a fantastic job cleaning the property. They can even do upholstery cleaning for you. Since they have the right equipment for the job, they will finish the work quickly, prevent further damage and allow you to return to your home quickly. So, if your residential or commercial property has been affected by water damage, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional team.

    It Saves You Time And Effort

    Dealing with water damage is an uphill task involving removing all the destroyed items, cleaning, removing decayed wood, and yanking out the flooring. It can also take a toll on you mentally. Engaging the services of a professional water removal company can save you all the trouble of doing this tiresome work.

    Reduce Restoration Costs And Save You Time

    Suppose you involve experienced restoration professionals; you will incur fewer restoration costs in the long run than someone who decides to do the disaster restoration themselves. The swiftness with which the professionals will remove the possessions and prevent more damage from happening will save you money in the end.

    The company’s water restoration and the remodeling contractor will assess the damage and develop a strategy to solve the problem and rebuild the ruined home so you can re-occupy it and continue enjoying your life.

    Quick Restoration

    A water damage restoration company will respond promptly because they understand the seriousness of this issue. If you delay in addressing the flood damage problem in your home, it can result in other matters, such as electrical damage, mold growth, and structural damage. This necessitates a fast and prompt response.

    A reputable water damage removal company will treat your distress call as an emergency. They will pump the water out in a timely manner and do everything necessary to save your property in Myrtle Beach SC.

    Why Choose Duraclean of Myrtle Beach for Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in the Area

    If you live in Myrtle Beach and its surrounding, you should consider hiring Duraclean if you have a water damage situation in your home. We offer a wide range of water damage mitigation services such as:

    • documenting drying
    • recovery
    • deodorization
    • emergency flood cleanup
    • continuous monitoring
    • content cleaning
    • content pack-out
    • antimicrobial application

    Our high-quality equipment and products, combined with our experience, enable us to offer high-quality services to our clients.

    We understand the importance of removing the water as quickly as possible and restoring your home fast, so you will get an immediate response whenever you call us to offer our water damage restoration services. When we come, we will first evaluate the situation, devise a plan and execute it efficiently.

    Our certified technicians will enter your building, eliminate all the possible dangers and remove the water safely. We will also ensure that we get rid of all the moisture and mold hidden in cracks and crevices to prevent your home from having poor air quality. Contact us today for exceptional water damage restoration services in Myrtle Beach.

  3. The Negative Effects of Water Damage to Your Home

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    When you get water damage to your property in Myrtle Beach due to floods or other causes, it is vital to clean up and get your property back to normal immediately, or you can get water damage restoration services. Here are the types of water damage:

    • Category 1: Clean water. This water damage occurs due to overflowing sinks, broken pipes, or rainwater. The health risk is low. If left untreated, it can get contaminated, making it to be category 2 water damage.
    • Category 2: Grey water. This comes from equipment discharges and chemical wastes like soap. Grey water can lead to microbial growth, and it can pose a health risk to you and your family and affect your property.
    • Category 3: Black water. This is water with grease, oil, and other substances or sewers. This type of water contains viruses, bacteria, and other allergens. Exposure to this water damage can cause illness, so you need water damage restoration professionals to handle the situation.

    Common Negative Effects of Water Damage

    Water damage is a big issue. Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC should take it seriously because the effects can be dangerous to you, your family, and your home. It is good to handle it immediately as the consequences may be more expensive.

    The spread of mildew and mold.

    Mold formation is the worst result of water damage in your commercial or residential property. Mold growth can happen after a few days in areas in water-clogged places. Molds pose a health risk to the people in the house and can harm your home’s structure. Getting rid of any mold and mildew in your home is crucial.

    The removal of molds and mold remediation can be difficult and very costly, so it is vital to notify your insurance company in Myrtle Beach, SC, in case of mold growth in your property. Mildew and mold can spread on a lot of items and cause damage such as:

    • Wallpaper
    • Couches
    • Drywall
    • Carpet
    • Ceiling tiles
    • Wooden chairs and tables.

    If you do not treat molds, they can spread health problems through the air, like headaches, chronic coughing, shortness of breath, and sinus congestion.

    The growth of molds and mildew can destroy the beauty of your home as a result of grass-like growth and fungi on your walls. It will also reduce the value of your home.

    Contamination of black water.

    Black water is a dangerous type of water because it may have pathogens that, if someone consumes it, they can get an illness. Flooding water contains contaminants that can harm people’s lives; for instance, sewage can mix with flooding water and spread many diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.

    If flooding water enters your home, it is vital to take care of it. You should have protective gear when cleaning to protect yourself from bacteria. Flooding water also causes mold growth, so when you get flood damage, you should contact professionals who offer water damage restoration services. 

     Damaged Furniture and Appliances.

    Water flooding or a water leak can damage the furniture in your residential structures, whether made of plastic, wood, or metal. It can make your furniture become weak and can also cause mold growth, therefore, affecting the wood.

    Water can cause damage to your valuables in a few seconds, like your TV set and a wooden bed. The colors of your furniture may also change.

    If water gets into your electrical appliances, you should immediately contact a disaster restoration company and your insurance company, especially if you are not using waterproof devices. Homeowners can repair some of the damaged items, but for other damage, you have to do replacements leading to many losses.

    Gas lines and wiring are affected due to water damage in the house. It is costly damage because replacing or repairing damaged items can be expensive.

    Structural Damage

    Damage to the structure can depend on the water near the area of concern. Your drywall may deteriorate slowly, and the subfloor can split after some time. This can make the property owner in Myrtle Beach replace or restore the damaged areas and cost them a lot of money.

    Masonry, stone, and concrete used to build foundations can soak with little water on the pores and cracks. You can get certified technicians to help you remove this water to avoid having defects in your foundation that can decrease the strength of your entire structure. 

    Water damage will reduce the value of your property because it is hard to hide the signs of water damage. They eventually reveal themselves if you try to patch the area with a problem or paint it to hide the stains. If you do not treat the water damage properly, it will leave an awful smell which can turn your buyers away. 

    Work With Our Water Damage Experts in Myrtle Beach, SC Today

    Our restoration professionals at Duraclean Myrtle Beach, SC, are here to help you with any water damage in your residential and commercial property. We offer water damage mitigation, flood and water damage drying, hardwood floor cleaning services, and in case of an electrical fire in your property, we offer fire damage restoration services.

    It is vital to look out for any water damage and its causes. It is a good idea to contact a water damage restoration company in Myrtle Beach, SC, to solve the issue before it gets out of hand. For more information, visit us at 131 Causey St., Myrtle Beach, SC, or call (843) 960-3724 to book an appointment.

  4. Can Mold Growth in Home Affect Your Health?

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    Activities you carry out at home can cause indoor dampness and mold growth, whether in a cold, warm, damp winter, or a humid summer. Mold can seriously harm the aesthetics and cause structural damage as well as your personal belongings. In addition, it can transform priceless items into dingy relics that appear to belong in the trash.

    Mold has the potential to endanger your health. Also damaging indoor air quality, indoor mold growth can also put residents’ health at risk. Most frequently, mold develops on surfaces like wood, in ceiling and floor voids, and behind walls before it is ever noticed.

    Mold creates irritants, allergies, and occasionally even potentially poisonous chemicals. You may experience allergic reactions after touching or inhaling toxic mold spores if you’re sensitive.

    Possible Health Problems That Mold Growth In Your Home Can Cause

    Mold exposure can result in symptoms such as allergies, asthma attacks, aspergillosis, pneumonitis, and difficulty breathing. In addition, your sensitivity can rise and lead to more severe allergic reactions if you are repeatedly exposed to mold items or mold in your home.

    The following are some potential health effects that mold growth in homes may result in:


    There is an increased risk you will react if you are allergic or sensitive to mold-related particles. Mold allergies can exhibit symptoms that are similar to other allergens, such as hay fever or seasonal allergies. Airborne pollutants can also harm the upper respiratory system in these.

    The following common symptoms can result from prolonged exposure to mold:

    • Runny nose
    • Itchy nose and throat
    • Sneezing
    • Watery eyes
    • Regular headaches
    • Skin irritation
    • Memory loss

    Those with asthma or mold allergies have the greatest risk of an asthma attack when mold is in the environment. Dust mites, which in some people can cause an allergic reaction, can multiply if there is more dust in the air.

    If you are unsure whether mold is present in your home, call for a mold inspection to determine whether mold removal is necessary.


    Not all mold can harm your health, but some varieties, like Aspergillus, can. Most people are not sickened by inhaling the spores of this fungus. However, persons with weakened immune systems or lung conditions may experience a severe reaction.

    Aspergillosis comes in a variety of forms, including:

    • Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: This has an impact on the lungs and may make breathing challenging.
    • Allergic sinusitis: This can cause severe headaches in addition to affecting the nose.

    Mold frequently grows in cramped, small areas that are susceptible to moisture. You can find mold growth in attics and crawl spaces in your home.

    Breathing Difficulties

    As it develops, mold can spew spores, cells, and flammable chemical compounds into the air. They are capable of producing mycotoxins, allergies, and irritants. Some of these can be harmful, particularly to people who are sensitive to them.


    Hypersensitive pneumonitis is a dangerous reaction that can occur after exposure to a lot of mold. Instead of exposure to mold in your home, this exposure is typically caused by occupational or workplace dangers.

    Benefits of Professional Mold Removal and Remediation Services

    Better Health

    Whether or not you are allergic to mold, prolonged exposure is likely to cause you to experience severe symptoms. For example, you can have a skin rash, runny nose, nasal congestion, or sneezing. As a result, it is vital to address mold issues as soon as they arise for better health.

    Mold removal can help your home’s indoor air quality and lower health risks. However, avoid removing mold on your own since you can end up dispersing thousands of toxic mold spores into the air, increasing your chance of eating them and experiencing health issues. To get the mold removed, hire a professional.

    Reduces the Spread

    With the proper treatment, you can be confident that the mold won’t spread to other home areas. For instance, specialists will first neutralize the spores in the basement before going on to the HVAC. Then, the fungus or bacteria must be removed at their source to remediate a mold issue.

    Saves Costs

    Professional cleanup can be quite expensive. But if you think about it, ignoring the mold issues would only cause a more severe problem that will cost thousands of dollars to fix.

    Building materials can become ruined by mold, and rotting will start if the problem is ignored. However, quickly addressing a mold issue will prevent it from worsening and causing severe structural damage, saving money.

    Increases Your Home’s Value

    When your property is mold-free, it will fetch a high market price if you wish to rent or sell it. Before buying a home, customers almost universally want a mold inspection. In that aspect, it will discourage potential buyers if it is spore-infested. The best strategy is to get professionals to remove the mold so that you may rent or sell the house for a good profit.

    Eliminate Musty Odors

    Mold causes unpleasant odors to hit you when you enter your house or place of work. Fortunately, mold removal will enable you to forget about the smells. Your house or residential will always smell clean and fresh if you do it this way. You won’t notice musty odors coming from within your home any longer.

    Why Choose Our Mold Remediation Services In Myrtle Beach, SC

    To ensure the safety of your home and surroundings, Duraclean is ready to provide mold remediation services. We know the damage and health problems that mold can cause in your home. Eliminating mold enhances your health and lowers your risk of allergies.

    Duraclean, based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, uses the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that we give our customers the best service possible. Since 1930, Duraclean has been serving the needs of customers with excellence.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for professional services if you require mold treatments.

  5. The Ultimate Guide to Water Damage Restoration

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    If your home or business sustains water damage, the consequences can be disastrous. It will not only cost you money to repair the property and its contents, but it will also endanger your health and safety if not handled properly.

    Storms, broken pipes, sewage backup, burst water heaters, and even a leaky indoor swimming pool are all potential causes of water damage. Different measures must be taken to remove moisture and prevent mold growth depending on the source of the water damage.

    This article will explain what water damage is, what causes it, what steps to take when disaster strikes, and how water damage restoration services can help restore your residential or commercial property to normal as soon as possible.

    What Is Water Damage?

    Water damage is the negative impact that water can have on your property. Water damage extends beyond a flooded basement or roof during a storm. It can have an impact on your entire house, not just the areas that are submerged in water. This could include a variety of structures such as wood, drywall, carpet, and even metal.

    Water damage can cause a decrease in property value, increased energy costs, and the growth of mold and bacteria, which can endanger your health or the health of your loved ones.

    Causes of Water Damage in Your Myrtle Beach, SC Property

    Water can enter a building through a variety of channels, including storms, floods, broken appliances, burst pipes, and even a leaking roof. These are a few of the considered crucial factors for water damage.

    Broken Pipes

    If you don’t notice a burst pipe in time, it can cause water damage and cause a significant amount of water to flood the area. This is because pipes typically have a high level of pressure behind them, which can cause additional damage to your property.

    Corrosion, poor maintenance, or shifting ground can all lead to a broken or burst pipe. Even buried underground, a pipe can burst and cause water damage.

    Storms and Heavy Rainfall

    A storm can cause water damage if a rainwater pipe breaks or the roof is not properly flashed. Excessive water entering your property can cause extensive water damage, particularly if you live in a low-lying area.

    Burst Sprinkler Systems

    A broken sprinkler system can cause water damage to your lawn and landscaping. In some cases, the water may enter the house or business.

    Burst Hot Water Heater

    A broken or malfunctioning water heater can cause flooding, leading to water damage. If you notice that your water heater is not working the way it should, do not try to fix it yourself. Contact a professional right away.

    Extreme Temperatures

    Water and freezing temperatures do not mix, so if water comes into contact with a cold pipe, it may freeze and burst. Water damage can occur if a water line bursts.

    Sewage Backup and Overflowing Toilets

    If sewage backs up and enters your home, it can pose several health and safety risks. It can also cause water damage.

    Indoor Swimming Pool Leak

    If an indoor swimming pool leaks, it can cause water damage. It is critical to maintain the water level and monitor any changes in the water.

    Effective Ways to Deal With Water Damage

    An immediate response is required if you are dealing with water damage and want to minimize damage and get the water removed as soon as possible.

    1. The first step in dealing with water damage is to turn off the water supply to the affected area. Turn off the main water valve if you have a broken pipe. If your toilet is overflowing, turn off the valve.
    2. Following that, it is critical to dry the affected area as soon as possible. In most cases, you can soak up the water with towels and then leave them in place for as long as it takes for the water to dry.
    3. It is critical to remove the wet items after you have removed the water. Put them in a trash bag and seal them up. Before cleaning, make sure the items are completely dry.
    4. Lastly, a dehumidifier can be used to remove moisture from the air. Fans can also be used to help circulate the air. If there is extensive water damage, you may need to hire a restoration company to handle the water removal and cleanup, as well as any mold removal if necessary.

    Benefits of Hiring a Restoration Company

    If the water damage is extensive, hiring an emergency restoration services company is a good idea. These businesses have experienced, restoration professionals as well as the necessary equipment to clean up the water damage. They also offer fire damage restoration and mold remediation services, which are required to improve indoor air quality if you have mold growth on your property.

    You can also hire water damage restoration experts to deal with the source of the problem. A restoration company, for example, can quickly repair a broken pipe. This will help to minimize the damage and return your home or business to normal as soon as possible.

    If you hire a restoration company, they will be familiar with all of the proper water damage protocols. They’ll be able to limit the damage and keep it from spreading to other parts of the building.

    Hire Duraclean for Your Restoration Needs in Myrtle Beach, SC!

    Water damage can have disastrous consequences if not handled properly. Hiring Duraclean Restoration Services is the best way to deal with water damage.

    We are experts in dealing with all types of water damage and have all of the tools needed to complete the job correctly. Contact us today at 843-483-5330 for a free consultation!